• January 2010


    Conservation benefit: Post-tsunami cleanup of the mangrove areas and inshore reef, and replanting

    Community benefit: Water tanks for families moving inland

  • January 2010

    Tafitoala and Mulivai

    Tsunami relief: Clean up debris in wetland and mangrove areas washed there by tsunami

  • January 2010

    Satitoa, Lotopu’e, Mutiatele, and Malaela

    Tsunami relief: New water tanks and pipelines to the existing water supply network to the village, destroyed by a tsunami

  • May 2009


    Conservation benefit: Establishment of a 1,600-acre marine conservation area (240 acres no-take) for 15 years

    Community benefit: Community hall and upgrade of the village water supply

  • January 2006


    Conservation benefit: 50-year conservation of crucial wetland and wildfowl habitat

    Community benefit: Restoration of historic white sand beach ecosystem damaged by a hurricane; trail and observation platform

  • December 2000


    Conservation and community benefit: Translation of Nafanua: Saving the Samoan Rain Forest into Samoan

  • July 1999


    Shipment of donated opthalmological and medical supplies, in exchange for rainforest preservation

  • January 1996

    Tafua Peninsula

    Conservation benefit: Keeping cattle out of area near rainforest preserve

    Community benefit: Purchase of fishing boats

  • January 1995

    Tafua Peninsula

    Conservation benefit: Establishment of Tafua Samoa Rainforest Preserve

  • January 1991


    Conservation benefit: Falealupo Rainforest Preserve

    Community benefit: New school building and aerial walkway

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