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South Pacific Islands


Conservation benefit: Promote a public education campaign for the protection of coral reefs

Date Approved: 07.2000

Jean-Michel Cousteau has made a short documentary about the value and fragility of coral reefs and the need to protect them. The film is entitled “Rainforests of the Sea,” and Cousteau’s NGO Ocean Futures is working to distribute the video, which is being translated into six languages. Seacology has underwritten the distribution of the video so that it can be seen in villages throughout Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu.

Project Updates

November 2003

The name of the video has been changed to “Sustainable Reefs” and is part of a large outreach and awareness program in the South Pacific. The Ocean Futures Society is coordinating free distribution of the video, a syllabus and teacher’s guide to schools, colleges, and satellite campuses of the University of the South Pacific.

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