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June 2021

Mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrass: new projects focus on key island ecosystems

New Seacology projects will support three kinds of ecosystems that are crucial to maintaining and restoring the health of the world’s oceans: mangrove forests that protect coastal villages, provide wildlife habitat, and store carbon seagrass meadows that feed and shelter manatees, turtles, and many more species coral reefs that teem with life when they’re healthy […]

May 2021

Seacology’s next big project, youth climate leaders, and more

Having been with Seacology from the start—literally, as the first employee back in 1999 — Karen Peterson has a unique perspective on Seacology’s mission and achievements. She now oversees Seacology’s major initiatives and our projects in East Africa. In a conversation with Alex Coburn, host of the Misguided travel series, Karen talked about Seacology’s origins, […]

May 2021

Doing tourism right

By Ferdie Marcelo Tourism can be both a blessing and a curse for island environments. Beachgoers frequently leave more than just footprints, and what is left behind is far too often passed on for the local islanders to deal with. A recent Seacology project in the Philippines is helping to make such tourism more sustainable, […]

April 2021

Young Cook Islanders gain job skills while helping protect threatened bird

Even in the remote, idyllic Cook Islands of the south Pacific, island ecosystems need active conservation to prevent damage from invasive species, global warming, and other threats. Seacology has worked with communities there for two decades, from our first project promoting ecotourism at an inland lake, to our recent partnership to strengthen the world’s largest […]

April 2021

Seacology returns to Samoa, where it all started

The people of Setāfaō Saipipi Village had already taken meaningful steps to protect their precious coral reefs, but they were thinking bigger. Thanks to a partnership with Seacology, they’ve now greatly expanded their stewardship of this vulnerable marine environment. The village sits on the eastern coast of Savai‘i, Samoa’s largest island. Just offshore, a concentric […]

April 2021

Seacology projects help keep Mexican lobster fisheries healthy

By Marisol Rueda Flores Lobster production is one of Mexico’s most important fisheries, contributing more than 806 million pesos ($40 million USD) to the national fishing sector each year. In the country’s coastal states, we find efforts to preserve all lobster species and secure this valuable, but finite resource for the future. On both the […]

March 2021

Panoramic views help protect Philippine wetlands

Looking out from the new boardwalk along the coast of the Philippine village of Bogtong, one can take in unrivaled views of the expansive, shallow bay. Endangered coral reefs thrive in the clear waters, and the occasional dugong grazes peacefully beneath the surface. To the north, dense, deep-green mangrove trees reach from the water to […]

March 2021

One year in a new world

On March 16, 2020, along with millions of our neighbors in northern California, Seacology’s staff entered a new reality when health officials issued a stay-at-home order. We quickly packed up computers, files, and personal items in our modest Berkeley office and moved daily operations into our homes. None of us expected that we wouldn’t be […]

February 2021

A honey of a project saves mangroves in the Dominican Republic

Much of our recent work has focused on mangrove trees or bees, so it was only a matter of time before they joined forces in a project – and in addition to ecological benefits, produced some delicious mangrove honey! In the Dominican Republic, Seacology will support a sustainable beekeeping operation and invest in ecotourism. These […]

February 2021

Sustainable swag supports Seacology

Last month, we were surprised and excited to learn Parlez (“par-LAY”), an English clothing company, had directed a portion of its 2020 profits to Seacology through 1% for the Planet. Parlez, which specializes in menswear inspired by sailing traditions, has made a commitment not only to its own sustainability but also to leveraging its success […]