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Seacology staff awaiting news on Philippines projects hit by typhoon

November 19, 2013

As recovery continues in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, we are still gathering information on our projects in the region. Unfortunately, many of these communities are located in remote areas that are hard to reach even in the best of times. While we’re awaiting news from projects that may have been adversely affected, so far the news has been good.

On Manamoc Island, where we funded the installation of solar panels on schools, islanders were hit hard by the hurricane but made it out okay, according to a Facebook post from nearby Amanpulo Resort:

We are also relieved to report that the nearby island of Manamoc, where most of the Amanpulo staff and their families live, experienced no injuries or loss of life. The villagers on the coast were evacuated to an elementary school structure completed just last week by the Andres Soriano Foundation. This structure provided a secure refuge throughout the storm. The Barangay Council initiated the clearing of roads, removing fallen trees and debris, after the storm passed. This clear up was completed the following day, allowing the island to quickly recover from the onslaught.

Meanwhile, our field rep in the Philippines reports that the damage to the communities in El Nido, where we funded the construction of ranger stations to help protect their marine reserves, has been relatively minor. Some boats were sunk and others damaged, but no lives were lost. The ranger stations suffered little damage.

As always, Seacology stands behind our projects and our project villages. Once we have complete information we will determine the most effective course of action to assist our friends in the Philippines. We’ll continue to offer updates as we learn more.