Telescope Mangrove Nursery

February 2014

Creation of mangrove nursery to support community-based restoration projects

The Greater Grenville Area, comprising the four coastal communities of Grenville, Marquis, Soubise, and Telescope, is considered one of the most vulnerable areas in Grenada in terms of the potential impacts of sea level rise and other climate change-related hazards. These four communities are home to over 5,000 residents, many of whom make their livelihood from farming, fishing, and activities such as construction and sea-moss farming. Along the five-plus miles of coastline in this area, the effects and ravages of natural phenomena are evident. The communities have been left totally exposed.

The communities’ traditional knowledge tells us that the coastline was once completely sheltered by mangrove trees. The forest provided a number of benefits to the communities, including acting as a buffer between the land and the sea, serving as habitat for numerous fish and other species, and providing a natural anchorage for residents’ fishing vessels. Seacology is providing funding for the development of a mangrove nursery, as well as training for residents in collecting and propagating seedlings, and eventually transplanting and monitoring their growth and rate of survival over time.

Project Updates
May 2015
This project was finished on schedule in April. Following the collection and propagation of over 2,000 red mangrove seeds last year, as well as construction of the bamboo structure housing the...
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January 2015
The nursery has been built and currently houses more than 1,500 pre-rooted red mangrove seedlings in potting bags. The seedlings will be transplanted as needed in Telescope and other communities...
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June 2014
After the initial activities of late March, acquisition of necessary small tools and equipment, as well as the construction of a staging area for the project, on Sunday April 27th a short training...
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