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Dutch Caribbean

Saba Island

© John Magor


Conservation benefit:Improvements to new youth marine education and visitors center

Date Approved: 01.2022


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

Seacology’s first project on the small island of Saba, in the eastern Caribbean, will help to build a facility that will function as marine lab, a visitors center, and a center for youth environmental education. It is the first facility in the windward islands of the Dutch Caribbean that is designed to bring knowledge about the area’s unique coral and other ecosystems to visitors and local schoolchildren.

This new marine field station will make a major contribution to Saba’s high school students’ biology curriculum, providing both traditional and hands-on learning. After-school programs will include clubs, a Junior Rangers program, and a yearly Sea & Learn event. This mix of academic and place-based learning will not only raise environmental awareness and commitment, but also put students in a better position to pursue higher education after they graduate from high school.

Project Updates

June 2022

Construction of the center continues, although supply problems and local labor issues have slowed progress.  Meanwhile, plastering, cement pouring, and electrical work continues. The facility’s manager is waiting for a supplier to send the final quote for the seawater pumping system. The target opening date is July, 2022.

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