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Conservation benefit: Protection of 79-acre mangrove area for 50 years

Community benefit: Repairs and upgrades to basketball court area

Date Approved: 02.2018


This project protects mangroves, which trap more CO2 than any other kind of forest and as a result, slow global warming.

Pohnpei is the second largest island in Micronesia. It’s also one of the wettest—more than 175 inches of rain drench it each year. The abundant rain and tropical heat nourish lush vegetation. Half a dozen mangrove species are found at Peidie, including the giant or cannonball mangrove, which has roots 50 meters long and fruits the size of volleyballs. The forest is a crucial fish nursery. It also provides habitat for mangrove crabs (an important local food) and vulnerable birds such as the endemic Pohnpei kingfisher.

The village of Peidie is on Sokehs Island, which is connected to Pohnpei Island by a causeway. Peidie has a population of about 1,000. Community members catch reef fish and grow coconuts, breadfruit, yam, and taro.

The community recently persuaded the Sokehs municipal government to designate much of the mangrove forest around the village as a conservation site. (Part was left open so community members can fish.) The law prohibits dredging, cutting trees, fishing, or hunting in the protected area.  The newly authorized Peidie Community Conservation Officers, working with rangers from the Division of Fish & Wildlife and municipal police officers, will enforce the rules.

The village will use a Seacology grant to repair its basketball court, install restrooms, and add concrete bleachers with roofing. They will also put in lights and repair fencing. The refurbished space will encourage physical recreation—something of great importance given the epidemic of obesity and related serious disease that is devastating the South Pacific.

Our partner NGO, the Peidie Community Association, will conduct awareness programs in all six Sokehs communities. They will let everyone know about the new protected area’s boundaries and rules and how to protect the mangrove forest.

Project Updates

May 2019

Community members have completed the renovation of the village’s recreational facilities and protecting the mangrove area adjacent to the village.

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December 2018

The renovation of the village’s recreational facilities is almost complete. The basketball court area is being improved, restrooms have been installed, concrete bleacher-style seating with roofing has been built, and fencing repaired. The mangrove area adjacent to the village is being protected.

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