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Ocean Hole


Conservation and community benefit: Safety features, signage, and other infrastructure for Ocean Hole Park

Date Approved: 02.2013


This project supports a local conservation-based tourism initiative.


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

Ocean Hole Park is a roughly two-acre area that contains an inland blue hole on the island of Eleuthera in the Central Bahamas. Approximately a mile from the ocean, it is one of Eleuthera’s most famous landmarks, teeming with different types of fish. Local tradition has it that this mystical body of water is bottomless and has healing powers. The government designated it as a protected area in 1970. People who frequent the blue hole often tell newcomers about its protected status and warn them that catching fish is not permitted.

The blue hole is popular with residents and visitors alike. Teachers often take students there on field trips to learn about history and science as well as for recreation. The Ocean Hole Committee, with local residents, visitors, and NGOs, has conducted many cleanup campaigns and beautification exercises at the site.

The One Eleuthera Foundation, working with the Ocean Hole Committee, wants to install signage, safety features, and waste receptacles, and to renovate Ocean Hole’s infrastructure. Seacology is funding these improvements. This work will help ensure that Ocean Hole Park will be a safe area for recreation and conservation education for years to come.

Project Updates

February 2014

The project has been completed, and all infrastructure and safety equipment funded by Seacology is in place. This project leveraged support by other NGOs for various improvements within the popular park.

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