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North Andaman Island


Camera for environmental education, funding for book on local ecosystems

Date Approved: 12.2017

Chanchal Singha Roy, a teacher on the remote Indian island of North Andaman, is passionate about island ecosystems. For years, he has spent weekends taking groups of students to nature trails, mangrove forests, and beaches, offering hands-on environmental education. Many of these children would not otherwise learn about the importance of the area’s rich and unique natural resources.

Roy receives no funding from the school system or other government entity for these efforts. Seacology made a small grant, which will allow him to buy a camera for the kids to use. He will also publish a small book, in Bengali and Hindi, about coastal ecosystems.

Project Updates

May 2019

The book, called “Amjum Tales: Children’s Perception of the Andaman Islands Environment,” has been published and is available on Amazon!

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December 2018

Chanchal Singha Roy has put the book together, and field representative Vineeta Hoon is helping with the printing, which cannot be done in the Andamans.

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May 2018

Roy has already taken students out to photograph nature with the camera. He is working on the book now, during school vacation time, according to field representative Vineeta Hoon.

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