Masingini Indigenous Forest

February 2014

Conservation benefit: Conservation of the 1,374-acre Masingini forest for 10 years

Community benefit: Village water pump and culverts, reforestation, and sustainable livelihood training

The Masingini Indigenous Forest is one of the key forests of Zanzibar, recognized for its rare trees and animals, including the Zanzibar red colobus monkey. Other species found in the forest include various trees and shrubs, unique to the island, that are usedĀ for their medicinal value. The forest covers 556 hectares (1,374 acres) and serves as the main water catchment for Old Town Zanzibar and other surrounding communities. However, recently the forest has faced increased degradation due to encroachment and illegal cutting. As a result, a number of springs have dried up or become intermittent. Local communities are left with a decreased supply of fresh water.

To mitigate further destruction of the forest, forest management must beĀ enforced, degraded parts of the forest must be rehabilitated, and local communities must learn about the need to sustainably manage the forest. Communities also need ways to protect themselves against water shortages.

The communities of Mwanyanya and Bububu have promised to manage the forest sustainably for at least 10 years. In return, Seacology is providing funding for water pumps and culverts, reforestation, and sustainable livelihood activities in the communities.

Project Updates
August 2019
The replanted areas of the forests are growing well despite below-average rainfall this year. Enforcement of the forest is ongoing and the community is beginning to develop ecotourism in the...
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January 2016
Reforestation and alternative livelihood activities have been ongoing, and the remaining activities were completed in summer 2015.
January 2015
Local students have planted 3,250 tree seedlings and have received conservation education stressing history, biodiversity, water, tourism, and other issues. Women from local villages have received...
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