Koldita Island

February 2016

Development of a management plan for 12,630-acre marine protected area and purchase of surveillance equipment such as marine radios and binoculars

Small, remote Koldita Island is part of the Chiloé Archipelago of southern Chile. The archipelago has a high percentage of endemic species and is home to blue and other whales, otters, and the threatened Chilean dolphin. The islands provide important habitat for many birds, including penguins, black-necked swan, green-backed firecrown, ringed kingfisher, and Chilean flamingo. The area is also an important habitat for Chile’s two otter species, both of which are in danger of extinction.

For centuries, culture on the island changed little for the indigenous Mapuche-Huilliche people. In the last 20 years, however, development has caused pollution and increased sedimentation along the coast. Exotic species have been introduced, archaeological sites disturbed, and traditional knowledge lost.

The communities are seeking legal protection for nearby marine and coastal territory. They seek Seacology’s help with two initiatives that will support this large marine protected area: development of a management plan, and the purchase of equipment, such as VHF radios and binoculars, to help community members monitor the area and enforce restrictions. A Seacology grant will help the community preserve the island’s environment and their traditional culture.

Project Updates
January 2018
The project is progressing well, although more slowly than the community had planned. Bad weather hampered access to the island during the winter, and in October the leader of the community died,...
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May 2017
The community has made good progress on the management plan, according to our field representative Claudio Delgado. They have identified natural and cultural conservation objects in the area, and...
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January 2017
Koldita community members have begun working on the management plan, holding workshops to identify the primary threats to and conservation goals for the protected area. A technical team will...
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July 2016
Seacology Field Representative Claudio Delgado visited the communities in June to get to know the community members and project team better. Claudio, the project coordinator, a marine biologist,...
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May 2016
Koldita community members have met twice and are assembling a team to work on the management plan. Seacology's Chile Field Representative Claudio Delgado plans to visit the island soon, at the...
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