Big Falls

June 2015

Construction of housing for paying volunteers who help with conservation projects, in exchange for continued protection of three protected areas totaling 162,000 acres

The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) has worked with Seacology for many years on projects in Belize. TIDE’s goal is to protect some of the most pristine habitat in the entire Mesoamerican Complex. Its activities include enforcement of fishing regulations, control of human-caused wildfires, fishery management, education and outreach, research and monitoring, and ecotourism initiatives.

This project will allow TIDE to expand its popular Ridge to Reef Expeditions program. Ridge to Reef volunteers pay to come to Belize to work on conservation projects. These volunteers give TIDE a reliable income stream as well as free labor for conservation projects. The first dozen volunteers helped, among other things, to start a sea turtle nest protection program, plant more than 500 trees, build a boardwalk for tourists, and conduct surveys of lionfish, conch, and sea cucumber. The Seacology grant will fund the construction of more housing for the volunteers.

Project Updates
October 2015
The new building has been completed. It will provide sleeping space and bathrooms for six visiting volunteer workers in the Ridge to Reef program.
August 2015
Construction has begun on the building and is progressing well.

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