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Cape Verde

Fogo Island


Conservation benefit: Protection and restoration of endemic plants

Community benefit: Construction of a water tank and plant nursery

Date Approved: 12.2000

The arid islands of the Cape Verde archipelago are located about 300 miles from Senegal off the west coast of Africa. Rainfall is erratic, and there are long periods without any precipitation. Fogo is the fourth largest island in the archipelago, with an 8,500-foot volcano at its center. The volcano, which last erupted in 1995, and the surrounding plateau are set to become a national park. It’s the first such park on an inhabited island in Cape Verde. Unfortunately, overuse of the slopes of the crater has destroyed many endemic plant species and caused severe erosion.

Seacology is helping the local community development association, Associacão de Promocão do Desenvolvimento Comunitário de Cabeça Fundão, in their efforts to rehabilitate degraded areas on the slopes. The association will use a Seacology grant to build a water tank and a nursery for endemic plants.

Project Updates

July 2004

Fogo Island National Park was officially declared in February 2003. The Seacology -funded water tank and nurseries have been integrated into the park’s restoration activities. Three to five thousand endangered plants were grown each year for the last two years and transplanted onto the formerly barren slopes. One of the nurseries is also being used to grow and sell fruit producing plants to generate extra income for the villages surrounding the park. As awareness about the Fogo Island ecosystem has increased, villagers have asked the nursery to provide them with endemic plants so they can extend the restoration area to their properties.

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