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Port Honduras Marine Reserve


Conservation benefit: Repair of sailboat and purchase of boat engine for rangers in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve

Date Approved: 06.2006


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

Seacology is funding a sailboat for the local NGO Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE), which manages the 160-square-mile Port Honduras Marine Reserve with the Belize Fisheries Department. The boat will be used to transport their rangers between posts. They will also be able to patrol the Snake Cayes area, a crucial area of the reserve where key fish species have successfully rebounded.

Project Updates

June 2007

Major repairs to the patrol sailboat were completed in 2006 and a small outboard engine was purchased for the boat. Due to lack of sailing expertise among rangers, the boat is not scheduled to start patrolling the reserve until sailboat training is conducted and some minor maintenance of the boat is completed. The sailboat is scheduled to be operable for overnight patrols by the end of 2007.

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January 2007

In late 2006 a small engine was purchased for the boat and a professional sailboat builder replaced sails, repaired masts and repaired small leaks in the hull.

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