July 2010

Waste recycling baler and recycling bins

Antigua and Barbuda is a politically stable nation in the West Indies. Littering, overflowing landfills and the burning of garbage are serious problems faced by Antigua and all islands throughout the world.

The Antigua & Barbuda Waste Recycling Corporation (ABWREC) is a project of the Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown, in partnership with the government’s National Solid Waste Management Authority. ABWREC provides collection of recyclable materials, processing, and exportation of recyclables; education and public awareness about recycling, waste reduction and management; tours and demonstrations of the recycling facility; and distribution of recycling bins. In addition to providing the only waste recycling service in the Eastern Caribbean, ABWREC also provides a unique social service in the community by recruiting staff though local drug rehabilitation centers, offering them the chance to re-enter the workforce.

To assist ABWREC with the growing demand for its services, Seacology is providing funding for the purchase of a waste recycling baler and 36 100-gallon recycling bins for distribution to schools and commercial centers.

Project Updates
June 2011
According to Antigua Field Representative Mykl Clovis, ABWREC’s new High Density 60-E720 Baler arrived on island on April 11th. The baler is now in the process of being installed at the...
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September 2010
As of September 2010 field representative Mykl Clovis reports that the baler model that was originally proposed in the project is apparently not as versatile as hoped, and after discussions with...
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