Port Olry

January 2007

Conservation benefit: Creation of a 42-acre reserve on two islands for 20 years

Community benefit: Construction of a community hall

Port Olry Village is located on the northeast side of Espiritu Santo Island. Espiritu Santo is the largest island in Vanuatu and has a population of over 1,800. Seacology is funding construction of a community hall to be used for village events. In exchange, the community will protect a total of 42 acres on and around Malleuth Island (15 acres) and Malmas Island (27 acres) for 20 years.

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Project Updates
November 2015
The community center is in good shape; Cyclone Pam didn't do any serious damage to this island. Program Manager Mary Randolph visited beautiful Port Olry in October and was told that the protected...
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June 2014
Community MPA and islands reserve remains strictly intact and has been also the main attraction for tourist/visitors drawn to Port Olry community. The community center is being used very regularly...
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June 2010
Kevin reports that the community MPA and island reserves remain strictly intact and have been the main attraction for tourists and visitors to the Port Olry community. The community center is...
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December 2009
Kevin Tari reports that the MPA is still being observed very strictly. The condition of the center remains much the same though there were reports that it has been used regularly for various...
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August 2009
Senior Program Officer Karen Peterson attended the opening of the community hall in June 2009. There is still work to be done on the interior of the building, namely in the bathroom and kitchen....
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January 2009
As of July 2008 a Seacology Germany delegation visited the site with field representative Kevin Tari. They visited the community as well as the two protected islands offshore, noting an active...
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May 2008
Roofing and window and door framing were scheduled to be constructed in November 2007. However, as of March 2008 the local timber supplier has delayed providing the remaining roofing materials....
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October 2007
The project has experienced some delays due to transportation difficulties, the site leader's travel schedule, and changes in the conservation plans due to land disputes. The walls and foundation...
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March 2007
Plans for March through June include site preparation, purchase and transportation of materials and construction of the community hall. The building is expected to be completed by June 2007.

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