Mahe Island

January 2009

Conservation benefit: Support of a 7.5-acre reclaimed wetland

Community benefit: Refurbishment of the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles visitors’ center at Roche Caiman

The Seychelle Archipelago is composed of 50 coralline and 40 granitic islands in the Indian Ocean, and has a population of 80,000. The Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles (WCS), an NGO for young people, works to promote conservation through environmental education. There are now 8,445 members of WCS, in 40 clubs in schools around the Seychelles. WCS offers educational programs and experience-based learning, with an emphasis on “hilltop to ocean” ecosystem management.

The Centre for Environment and Education attracts a steady stream of visitors, including approximately 50 school groups each year. Adjacent to the garden, Nature Seychelles and WCS designed a 7.5-acre wetland area, the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman. Species protected at the wetland include freshwater turtles, the endemic killifish, mud and water crabs, skinks and lizards, 11 of the Seychelles’ 18 dragonfly species, and many migratory bird species.

In support of the reclaimed wetland, Seacology will fund improvements to the visitors’ center. These include a redesign of the exhibition hall, displays regarding different ecosystems, a library corner, art section, audiovisual equipment, and more.

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Project Updates
June 2011
During 2010, the WCS board of directors disbursed 13 mini-grants (of about USD $250 each) to support school wildlife clubs’ efforts to reach out to school and wider community. Several of the...
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July 2010
Some 15 clubs have applied for and received mini-grants and are currently implementing projects. The Heritage Garden and wetland manuals have not yet been completed as the drafts of both are still...
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February 2010
WCS reports that the interior decor project at Nature Seychelles was successfully completed in 2009, however due to additional funding the portion of Seacology funds needed was much less than...
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June 2009
As of February 2009 the on-site coordinator for the project left the field. Seacology received confirmation from the newly hired project coordinator that they will be working in conjunction with...
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