May 2009

Conservation benefit: 365-acre marine reserve for 15 years

Community benefit: New community hall

Tokou is a beachside village on the east coast of Ovalau Island, about three miles from the old Fijian colonial capital of Levuka. The population of the village is approximately 700. In 2013, the United Nations named Levuka as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Tokou is on the southern border of this UNESCO site.

The village has pledged to establish a 365-acre marine reserve for 15 years. In return, Seacology will fund the construction of a much-needed community hall to host cultural and social events. The hall will also provide a place for village women to produce handicrafts and organize fundraising activities for the village. Tourist ships are due to begin visiting Levuka in May 2009, and Tokou is on visitor itineraries,. It will greatly benefit from having a venue to host guests.

Project Updates
September 2018
The community has agreed to extend its conservation agreement for another 10 years. Seacology has made an additional grant that will let the community repair and improve the community hall, which...
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June 2016
Seacology's former field representative Harry Powell spoke to Antonio Tukuveli in the village. He reported that Cyclone Winston caused a lot of damage there, but the Seacology-funded community...
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December 2011
The community hall is almost complete. Some minor finishing work will flow over to January as the carpenters and helpers are taking a Christmas break from December 15 through early January. The...
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September 2010
Field representatives Harry and Jackie Powell report that the community hall foundation has been completed, however work is at a standstill because village fundraising has not met expectations....
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June 2010
The village representative reports that their target of fundraising between FJ$2,000 to FJ$2,500 a month is being achieved. The Powells report that the foundation is now almost complete.
April 2010
As of March 2010 Harry reports that Tokou is intent on maintaining the size of the hall and will fundraise on a monthly basis to raise the balance of funds. Building materials arrived at Tokou in...
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December 2009
Field representative Harry Powell met with the representative from Tokou in August 2009. He expressed his and the draftsman's concerns regarding the current building specifications. Agreements...
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