Mandalamekar, Java

May 2009

Conservation benefit: Support of replanting 72 acres and protecting a total of 267 acres of no-take rainforest

Community benefit: Multipurpose community building

Mandalamekar Village, in the highlands of West Java, Indonesia, is home to 3,200 people who are mainly engaged in farming. The village recently created its own protected forest area of four sections totaling 267 acres. The forest has several significant waterfalls and is an important habitat for many kinds of birds. Several monkey species, including the lutung and the endangered Javan surili, also live there.

In 2008, the village took it upon itself to reclaim 74 acres of community land and replanted about 12,000 native tree seedlings. They plan to replant another 72 acres of degraded forest with about 15,000 seedlings in 2009. Because the main intent of replanting and protecting this forest is to enhance its critical function as a watershed for the village, the village wants to protect this forest in perpetuity.

The primary need in Mandalamekar Village is a multipurpose community building for meetings, art, culture, and recreation. The community is keen to make an agreement to protect the no-take forest in exchange for this much-needed facility. Seacology will fund construction of the building. The village government, village police, village civil defense force, and an informal community group called Mitra Alam Muggaran will conduct patrols and build a communication system to facilitate the patrols.

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Project Updates
June 2011
The community building is now completed. The final report for this project was received in April 2011.
January 2011
Seacology Program Manager Karen Peterson and Indonesia Field Representative Arnaz Mehta visited the village in October 2010. There was a welcoming ceremony at the building, which is completed...
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June 2010
Project contact Irman Meilandi reports that the community multipurpose building is 90% completed, with only painting remaining. The building has been in use since March 2010. Additionally,...
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November 2009
Construction is more than half complete, with the foundation and many of the structural elements in place. The second phase of construction will include the installation of remaining structural...
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August 2009
Project contact Irman Meilandi reports that the materials for the building have been delivered to the village and construction has begun.

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