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Conservation benefit: Creation of a 67-acre marine reserve

Community benefit: Community center

Date Approved: 07.2004


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

Navolau Village is located in Ra Province on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu. The village has agreed to create a 67-acre no-take marine reserve within their traditional fishing rights area. The will not allow fishing there for at least ten years.

The village will use a Seacology grant to in build a much-needed community center.

Project Updates

December 2011

The carpenter, Samu, has reported to Fiji Field Representatives Jackie and Harry Powell that the project is complete, and the opening took place on December 17, 2011. The community continues to respect the protected area. Program Manager Karen Peterson visited the project in September 2011.

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June 2011

The carpenter has reported to Fiji Field Representatives Jackie and Harry Powell that he installed all the window frames and louvers. The project will be completed within the next few months.

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June 2010

As of May 2010 Harry and Jackie report that the plastering work was well done and Samu (with a little help) has completed the undercoating and most of the ceiling has been done. As of June 2010 the Powells report that the last of the materials for the completion of the center were delivered to the village in May. Samu hopes to complete the center by August at the latest. The Powells are also in the process of getting an accurate assessment of the total acreage saved (which includes three reefs off Navolau: Kabatia Reef, Cakauniwaro and Cakaulaselase). The center doors arrived on May 31 and will be fitted over the next two days. Samu reports that they have nearly completed the first of two finishing coats of paint on the center. The windows, electrical and light fittings will then be installed and tiling will then follow to complete the center.

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March 2010

As of March 2010 Harry reports that work on completing the center is progressing slowly as Samu, the carpenter, is currently taking a carpentry course in Lautoka and only goes back to Navolau on the weekends. A quote is being obtained for 6 doors for the church which Samu has requested. Samu’s course finishes about mid May and the community center should be completed by the end of June.

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February 2010

As of February 2010 Harry reports that all the plastering work as well as undercoating of the entire wood work is completed. The wiring has also been done apart from the light fittings which will be installed after the finishing coat of paint is applied.

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December 2009

As of December 2009 Harry reports that the roof is completely in place and all doors and window frames likewise. Work has stopped temporarily while they are waiting for some financial assistance from members of the village who live overseas and have some disposable income to contribute. The money they are trying to raise is to pay wages for a professional plasterer to do all the plastering work to ensure the walls etc are well finished. After the plastering work is done, fitting of the actual doors and windows will be done, with painting and floor tiling to follow.

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August 2009

Senior Program Officer Karen Peterson visited this project in June 2009. She reports that the center’s roof beams are now in place and some of the original concrete work has been altered to accommodate the roof supports. In August 2009, field representative Harry Powell reports that half the roof is erected with the second half to be done by the end of August. Additionally door and window frames have been cut and are ready for assembly.

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June 2009

As of April 2009, field representatives Jackie and Harry Powell worked with village leaders to coordinate a re-design of the plans to fit the limited budget and to gather quotes for materials.

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