July 2010

Conservation benefit: Protection of a 15-acre pristine upland forest as a no-take area in perpetuity

Community benefit: Community hall, water tanks, and toilets

Marked as a top conservation target for the island state of Chuuk for its health and significance, and known as a sacred area for generations, the Chunuf forest area is part of the West Fefen Area of Biodiversity Significance. The forest is home to several endangered and threatened bird, plant, and tree species. With a population of over 400, the Onongoch community on Fefen Island has, due to traditional practices and certain chiefly taboos, conserved and worked around the forest for many years, and wants it to be officially recognized as a conservation area. The Chuuk Conservation Society is providing assistance in the creation of a management plan for the new forest reserve.

Seacology is funding the construction of a meeting hall with office space, as well as 10 500-gallon water tanks and 10 toilets for the neediest members of the community, in exchange for an agreement to protect 15 acres of pristine upland forest as a no-take area in perpetuity.

Full or partial funding for this project provided by
Seacology Scandinavia.
Project Updates
November 2015
There was some delay in getting a new water tank to the island—low tides, rough seas—but the tank and other building supplies eventually got there, and repairs were completed in summer 2015....
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May 2015
In late March 2015, Typhoon Maysak hammered Chuuk, damaging the water tanks and community hall Seacology had funded in 2010. We approved a small grant so the community could make repairs.
June 2011
First phase of construction was completed and the second tranche of funds were transferred in March 2011. The renovation of the community hall and upstairs office is completed except for...
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January 2011
As of January 2011, renovation is almost completed - floor, roofing, and beams have been renovated, and the extension with office space will be completed by the end of January 2011.

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