Bumbwini-Mkokotoni Bay

June 2011

Conservation benefit: Conservation and restoration of a 1,507-acre mangrove forest for 14 years

Community benefit: Information and training center, support for alternative livelihood projects, and restoration of degraded sites

The Bumbwini-Mkokotoni Bay is located on the north coast of Unguja Island, in the Zanzibar region of Tanzania. The bay is host to the 1,507-acre Bumbwini-Mkokotoni mangrove forest, an important ecological site that nourishes rich fishing grounds for the local community. The site also has important animals including red colobus monkeys, chameleons and other reptiles, and several species of birds. The mangrove forest has faced increased degradation from waste disposal, clear-cutting, agricultural practices that increase erosion and sedimentation, and overfishing.

The Society for Natural Resources Conservation and Development of Zanzibar is working with with a number of community-based organizations and village conservation committees to conserve and manage the mangrove forest.

The community has agreed to conserve and restore 1,507 acres of mangrove forest for at least 14 years. In return, Seacology is funding the construction of an information and training center, alternative livelihood projects (such as basketry and beekeeping), and mangrove restoration.

Project Updates
October 2019
Seacology personnel visited Bumbwini in August. The mangrove forest is thriving, and ongoing replanting activities have proved very successful in maintaining its health. Our partners report that...
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April 2013
There has been ongoing replanting of mangroves in degraded parts of the forest. In addition, mapping to establish current status of the mangrove forest was completed. The community information...
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May 2012
A total of 50,050 mangrove seedlings have been replanted in Makoba, Fujoni and Mafufuni Villages, while a total of 28 people from Muwanda and Mafufuni Villages have been trained in beekeeping and...
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January 2012
Progress has been made in the following areas: mangrove replanting, monitoring of the community forest, site selection for the information center, and development of alternative livelihood...
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January 2007
In late 2006 a small engine was purchased for the boat and a professional sailboat builder replaced sails, repaired masts and repaired small leaks in the hull.

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