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Woburn-Calivigny Marine Protected Area


Conservation benefit: Protection of three miles of mangrove coastline in perpetuity

Conservation benefit: Viewing and interpretive signs for the Woburn-Calivigny Marine Protected Area

Date Approved: 07.2011


This project protects mangroves, which trap more CO2 than any other kind of forest and as a result, slow global warming.

The Woburn-Calivigny Marine Protected Area, which extends between Woburn and Calivigny Bays, contains the largest intact mangrove ecosystem in Grenada. The mangroves provide critical habitat and erosion protection over three miles of coastline. The area is an important nursery for commercial fish species. It provides nesting, roosting, and feeding areas for resident and migratory birds and provides habitat for native iguanas, snakes, and a variety of terrestrial wildlife. It has been a protected area since 2001.

The Woburn Woodlands Development Organization (WWDO), along with community members, another local NGO, and the national Forestry Department, has begun to restore areas damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. They have also begun programs to clean up litter and promote awareness of mangroves to local and national audiences.

WWDO will ensure the protection of the three miles of mangrove coastline in perpetuity. Seacology is joining their efforts by funding two viewing platforms, four species identification panels, and two general information signs. These platforms and signage will be critical in the ongoing mangrove awareness efforts. These efforts are needed now more than ever, as the region becomes an increasingly popular destination for tourists.

Project Updates

February 2014

This project is now complete. The 4 feet by 8 feet billboard for the Woburn Mangrove Restoration site was completed and installed in October. Additionally, two species identification signs have been printed for the Calivigny site. One features the common mangrove species growing in the area, and the other shows some of the animals commonly sighted within the restoration area.

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June 2013

The species identification signs for the Woburn Clarke’s Court Bay MPA were completed and installed in late January, in time for the official hand-over of the project sponsorship check, which was presented by representatives of First Caribbean International Bank on the Woburn viewing platform. The Calivigny signs were subsequently printed, but have yet to be erected on the site. Currently, the printers are working with representatives of both the Woburn Woodlands Development Organization and Calivigny Community Development Organization to complete the design and text for the 4’ x 8’ billboards to be erected in each community.

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May 2012

Work on this project began in late August. The first phase was completed in mid-September, and included the building of a 12 x 12 foot viewing platform at the Calivigny project site, and renovation and roofing of a 12 x 12 foot viewing platform at the Woburn project site. The work was carried out by a team of skilled and unskilled construction workers from the two communities, and therefore had the added advantage of directly contributing to the income of families in the area. Both platforms have been timely and very beneficial additions to the project sites, and have been very heavily used by residents and organized tour groups of visitors (locals and tourists).
The second phase of the project, production and erection of signage in both communities, is still outstanding, and is scheduled to begin in early January 2012.

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Full or partial funding for this project provided by CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank.