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Ōshima Town


Disaster relief: Earthquake and tsunami disaster relief on Kesennuma Oshima, Japan

Date Approved: 03.2011

Since the tsunami disaster in March 2011, Seacology Japan has been busy providing aid and assistance to Kesennuma Oshima, a small island community off the southeast coast of Japan that was devastated by waves and raging fires. So far, Seacology Japan has raised over $50,000 for the island and has used the funds to purchase and deliver provisions, including five tons of rice.

They’ve also been getting directly involved in the recovery process. Because all of the island’s boats were destroyed in the tsunami, Seacology Japan arranged for a 23-foot motorboat to ferry people and relief goods across the 10-mile stretch of sea between the island and the mainland. Additionally, over the past several months, Seacology Japan representatives have been visiting the island to clear away debris and help with other critical tasks, like relocating damaged oyster farms.

However, nine months after the tsunami, the island still faces many challenges: marine habitats are polluted, the local economy remains weak, and the tourism industry has taken a huge hit. Seacology Japan plans to continue supporting the people Oshima and to provide help any way it can.

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