Teluk Nibung, Ujung Sialit, Pulau Balai, and Suka Makmur

January 2009

Conservation benefit: 1,924 acres of protected land and marine habitat for 10 years

Community benefit: Soccer fields, community meeting hall, and storm gutters for four villages

Pulau Banyak (“Many Islands”) is a cluster of about 40 islands located 4.5 hours by boat off the western coast of North Sumatra in the special autonomous region of Aceh, Indonesia. The islands support a population of 7,000 people, all of whom live within seven villages on only three of the islands. Four of the seven villages in Pulau Banyak propose the creation of no-take areas in their respective jurisdictions. The areas will be regulated by village traditional law, or Hukum Adat Kampong.

In return, Seacology will fund projects requested by each village. In Desa Teluk Nibung, Seacology will fund a soccer field in exchange for protection of 1,008 acres of coral reef and 12 acres of forest for 10 years. In Desa Pulai Balai, a Seacology grant will fund reconstruction of village youth meeting hall in exchange for protection of 217 acres of coral reef and five acres of adjoining land for 10 years. In Desa Suka Makmur, Seacology will fund concrete gutters in exchange for protection of 94 acres of forest, 106 acres of mangrove forest and 114 acres of marine area. Finally, in Desa Ujung Sialit, Seacology will fund a soccer field in exchange for protection of 326 acres of coral and seagrass, and 42 acres of mangrove forest.

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Project Updates
May 2015
Field Representative Irman Meilandi reports that both soccer fields are finished and are used by village youth to host teams from neighboring villages and islands. The rain gutters at Desa Suka...
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December 2011
According to project leader Mahmud Bangkaru, three of the four projects are yet to be completed. The Teluk Nibung project is finished, and the soccer field is being used regularly. Mahmud notes...
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June 2011
According to project leader Mahmud Bangkaru, the work on Suka Makmur’s rain gutters is 77 percent finished. It goes forward, but a bit slowly as the community has had problems getting in...
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January 2011
According to project leader Mahmud Bangkaru, the soccer field in Teluk Nibung is 90 percent complete, and will be ready by the end of November 2010. The soccer field at Ujung Sialit is about 70...
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June 2010
In both Ujung Sialit and Teluk Nibung, the land has been purchased and clearing has begun. The project leader reports that the communities are very eager to get started and the protected areas are...
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October 2009
Our project contact reports that the land in Ujung Sialit has been purchased for less than anticipated. The situation in Teluk Nibung is the opposite; the land is now more expensive than expected....
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June 2009
As of February 2009, field representative Arnaz Mehta began working on coordinating completion of the pre-grant documentation and planning phases for the projects. As of April 2009 Arnaz reports...
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