June 2011

Conservation benefit: Support of a newly created 40,300-hectare (99,583-acre) no-take marine area for a minimum of 14 years

Community benefit: Community center/kindergarten

The small village of Fafanlap is located on the edge of the spectacular southeast Misool region of the Raja Ampat Archipelago in Indonesia. Three families who reside in Fafanlap Village (as well as in Usaha Jaya Village) have traditional ownership of a vast marine area that encompasses remote fringing coral reefs, seamounts, and fish-rich pelagic waters. Part of this area (90,440 acres) has already been leased to the Misool Eco Resort as a no-take reserve for 25 years, but the villagers have agreed to turn the marine waters they own around the Daram Islands into an additional 99,583-acre no-take area for 15 years. According to Papuan tradition, an agreement is accepted only when benefits are spread out to everyone. As such, the village leaders have determined that a much-needed community building, essential for village meetings and events (as well for use as a kindergarten), would solidify support for the no-take zone among all the villagers for the duration of the no-take lease agreement.

Misool Eco Resort and Wild Aid, with support from the Walton Family Foundation, a major funder of the project, will assist the villagers in patrolling the no-take area. Seacology is pleased to announce that this is the first project funded by our Sylvia Earle Marine Conservation Fund, a special fund dedicated to Dr. Earleā€™s vision of a global network of marine protected areas.

Project Updates
October 2012
Thirty children are enrolled in the kindergarten, and more are expected. Ranger patrols of the no-take area are also going well, with three base camps built and being manned at all times.
June 2012
Construction of the community building in Fafanlap village is complete, and community members are working on building furniture for the building. The kindergarten is expected to be up and running...
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December 2011
Much progress made since the first installment for the project was transferred in October 2011. Supplies have been purchased from the nearest town of Sorong and transported, which takes several...
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