Minicoy Island

January 2009

Conservation benefit: Establishment of a 2,471-acre marine and mangrove protected area for 20 years

Community benefit: Construction of a natural and cultural heritage museum and two guard posts

The Lakshadweep Archipelago lies in the Arabian Sea, 155 to 280 miles from the west coast of India. Minicoy is the southernmost island of the group, with a total population of approximately 10,000. It is the only island in Lakshadweep that supports mangroves and salt marsh ecosystems.

The Centre for Action Research on Environment Science and Society (CARESS) is working with Minicoyans to revive traditional methods of protecting the reefs and lagoon. Minicoyan leaders have committed to creating a no-take marine protected area for at least 20 years, encompassing a 2,471-acre marine area and mangrove ecosystem. In exchange, Seacology will fund a natural and cultural heritage museum, as well as two guard posts for the marine protected area.

Project Updates
May 2017
Field representative Vineeta Hoon visited the island in April to wrap up this project. The museum building now both highlights the area’s natural history and displays and preserves cultural...
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May 2015
The building has been completed, including woodwork, floor tiling, painting and wiring. Our partner, the Maliku Development Society, and the Fishers Association continue to campaign against gill...
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January 2015
The ground floor, which houses the main museum, is functional and wiring in the additional rooms should be finished in January 2015. Our partner, the Maliku Development Society, has conducted...
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June 2014
The first floor building including wood work has been completed. The floor tiling has to be completed. This work was started in December, but they ran out of tiles and had to order more from the...
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June 2011
The outer building work and the flooring have been completed. A staircase is proposed to reach the terrace and make it usable. The building has been handed over to the Maliku Development Society...
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January 2011
Vineeta Hoon reports that the building work is progressing well after the monsoon. The column work was completed in May 2010 and the ceiling slab was installed in September 2010. In October, the...
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July 2010
Vineeta reports that the community has completed the concrete work on the pillars and the roof will soon be laid. The building is progressing as scheduled.
April 2010
Field representative Vineeta Hoon reports that the foundation ceremony was conducted on January 19; the land was cleared and made ready to begin construction. However, construction was then...
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December 2009
Field representative Samit Sawhny reports that the building plan has been completed. Samit met with the project coordinator who said that the labor and construction material is in place and they...
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September 2009
The land for the museum was purchased during the first week of August 2009. The land has been cleared, and the community is ready to begin construction. Three local villagers with homes on the...
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June 2009
As of February 2009 field representative Samit Sawhny began working on coordinating completion of the pre-grant documentation and planning phases for the project. Seacology sent grant documents...
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