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Yasawa I Rara


Conservation benefit: Support of no-take marine protected area

Community benefit: Solar-powered water supply system

Date Approved: 10.2008


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

In 2002, the community at Yasawa I Rara agreed to protect a large marine area. In return, Seacology funded the construction of a community center for the village.

Since then, the community has continued to protect the no-take area. In support of the community’s conservation efforts, Seacology is providing funds to buy and install a solar-powered water pump system. It rarely rains on Yasawa, and often the community does not have a reliable source of fresh water. The pump system, installed at the community center, will help assure that village families have fresh water.

Project Updates

March 2010

Harry reports that the system is completed and fully functional.

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February 2010

Harry reports that the pump has arrived from Australia and is with Clay Engineering. They are ready to proceed to the island as soon as the barge sails. Completion of the installation will take approximately 3 days.

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December 2009

Harry reports that two boreholes have been completed. Both boreholes have adequate flow rates to meet their essential requirements. One borehole will be capped as a standby while the other is in use. Harry is now waiting for a quote for the solar water pumping system.

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August 2009

In August, field representative Harry Powell met with one of the supervisors of the engineering section at the Fiji Hydrology Department. He informed Harry that they are scheduled to drill and assess a new borehole for Yasawa I Rara around mid September.

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