July 2005

Conservation benefit: 5.5-acre Kanif Mangrove Reserve

Community benefit: Rebuilding a protective sea wall

The idea of conserving their valuable forests is not new to the village of Kanif, in Dalipebinaw, Yap. The 75-acre Dalipebinaw Forest Reserve was established in 2002, in exchange for Seacology’s support of the restoration of the ancient Tamilyog Stone Path. The community has decided to protect another vital ecosystem: the Kanif-Magaf mangrove forest and river channel.

In exchange for setting aside the 5.5-acre forest reserve in perpetuity, Seacology will help fund the reconstruction of the seawall protecting the area. The project will be facilitated by the Yap Community Action Program, a local nonprofit organization.

Full or partial funding for this project provided by
Project Updates
May 2016
Almost all materials needed for the repair work are now at the site, and the villagers expect to have the project done by June or July.
November 2015
When Program Manager Mary Randolph and Field Representative Simon Ellis visited Kanif in July, village leaders showed them damage to the seawall, caused by waves during typhoons earlier this year....
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June 2009
The site reclamation is complete, and the community has put four "Koyeng" or "picnic/rest huts" (two built from local materials and another two using Western materials). The remaining project...
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January 2009
Seacology received a final report in October 2008. The sea wall was completed in November 2007 and dirt behind the wall was filled in early 2008. The contractor is waiting until the end of 2008 to...
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July 2007
After her site visits in Micronesia, Seacology Senior Program Officer Karen Peterson reports that the site has been filled, but due to rainy weather the project is somewhat behind schedule. Karen...
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June 2007
By April 2007 three community meetings were held to finalize a revised budget. The project is scheduled to begin in mid-2007. Seacology Senior Program Officer Karen Peterson and Field...
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January 2007
As of November 2006 the project is postponed until the community can obtain assistance from the government to secure the use of their heavy machinery. Since FEMA-funded road repairs take...
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June 2006
Grant documentation was sent to project coordinator Charles Chieng of YapCAP in September 2005. Staff is currently waiting for the return of a budget, timeline, village agreement and grant...
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