July 2001

Equipment for community recycling and waste-streaming

Angoon, accessible solely by ferry and float plane, is the only permanent settlement in the Admiralty Island National Monument in Southeast Alaska. This community of 700 people is a stronghold of Tlingit culture. People there still rely on subsistence hunting, fishing and gathering for their nutritional needs.

Consumer goods arrive on Admiralty island by barge. Because of the island’s isolation, the packaging waste seldom leaves and is threatening this vital environment. In 1998, village students and teachers formed a conservation group, ABARG! With a Seacology grant, ABARG! will buy equipment, such as balers and collection bins, to help the community’s recycling, responsible waste-streaming, and beautification efforts.

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Project Updates
July 2004
The town is continuing to use the recycling facilities. Students are providing most of the labor, with guidance from the school's science teacher. Proceeds from the recycled materials continue to...
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