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Payne’s Creek National Park


Conservation benefit: Construction of a lookout tower and fire tower

Date Approved: 05.2006


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

Seacology is funding construction of a lookout tower in the the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. This will help local NGO Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE), which manages the reserve with the Belize Fisheries Department, prevent poaching. The fire tower will also help TIDE rangers detect forest fires started by hunters trying to induce grass growth for deer.

Project Updates

October 2007

After months of weather delays, a fire/lookout tower was constructed five miles from the park’s ranger station. It sits in a strategic location, allowing rangers to monitor the start of wildfires that could destroy large tracts of pine savanna and habitat of endangered species such as the yellow-headed parrot.

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June 2007

Construction of one tower began in May. The second tower will be built once transportation can be arranged.

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January 2007

The plans and materials were purchased in July 2006. Construction was postponed until after the rainy season and is planned to begin in April 2007.

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