Fiji’s Natural Heritage

December 1998

Conservation and community benefit: Translation of “Fiji’s Natural Heritage” into Fijian

A spectacular 287-page full-color book on the plants, animals, and marine resources of Fiji was published in 2000 with Seacology’s assistance. Entitled Fiji’s Natural Heritage, this book, written by noted naturalist and photographer Paddy Ryan, was published by Exisle Press in New Zealand. “The Seacology Foundation made possible the translation of this book into Fijian. Seacology has also donated Fijian language copies to the country’s schools,” Dr. Ryan writes in the foreword of this extraordinary volume.

Seacology encourages the creation of national parks and preserves in Fiji, where few such protected areas exist. Seacology believed that a full-color Fijian language version of Fiji’s Natural Heritage would help support the efforts of Fijian school children, citizens, and traditional leaders to protect the country’s fragile marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

“As a world-renowned photographer and a superb biologist, Dr. Paddy Ryan has captured compelling images of Fijian iguanas, live chambered nautilus, peregrine falcons, coral reefs, and a plethora of beautiful endangered Fijian plants,” reports Seacology Chairman Paul Cox. “These photographs, together with his scientifically accurate and culturally sensitive text, celebrate the natural grandeur of Fiji, making a compelling case for conservation. When we learned that the English version was being published, we decided that it would be important to support a Fijian version as well.”

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