Lake Ngardok

January 2007

Conservation benefit: Support of the 1,236-acre Lake Ngardok Nature Reserve in perpetuity

Community benefit: Construction of a solar-powered, eco-friendly visitor and education center

The Lake Ngardok Nature Reserve is located in Melekeok State, on the east side of Babeldaob Island. It contains the largest freshwater lake in Micronesia, which provides water for the state of Melekeok. It is an important habitat for the endangered Palau gray duck, Micronesian pigeon, Mariana fruit bat, and saltwater crocodile. The reserve includes the entire upland watershed of the Ngardorech River, one of Babeldaob’s five major river systems. The ecological significance of Lake Ngardok is internationally recognized through its designation under the Ramsar Convention as a Wetland of International Significance.

With the assistance of the Palau Conservation Society, Seacology is funding construction of a solar-powered, eco-friendly visitor and educational center at the reserve. This grant is made in recognition of the conservation of the Lake Ngardok Nature Reserve in perpetuity.

Project Updates
July 2015
Seacology Field Representative Simon Ellis and Program Manager Mary Randolph visited the site this month and report that the three buildings that a Seacology grant financed —visitors’ center,...
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May 2010
PCS reports that all Seacology funds have been spent and three buildings constructed as part of this project. One building is a nursery, with an indoor seedling propagation and storage area, and a...
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November 2009
Field representative Simon Ellis reports that PCS staff have been trying to get solar panels for the visitors' center donated through the Palau Energy Office. They recently found out that the...
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June 2009
A soft opening for the visitors' center was held on February 1, 2009, to coincide with World Wetlands Day (Feb 2). In attendance were more than 60 people, including state and traditional leaders,...
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January 2009
Construction began in April 2008. As of November 2008 construction continued, but project leaders anticipated that the building would be complete by the end of 2008. The reserve remains under...
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December 2007
The site for the center has been selected but construction was delayed until October 2007 by the permitting process. All permits were granted in October and PCS is ready to begin purchasing...
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July 2007
After her site visits in Micronesia, Seacology Senior Program Officer Karen Peterson reports that the site for the new solar-powered visitors’ center has been selected. According to PCS director...
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March 2007
Purchase and transportation of materials, finalizing the design of the center, and construction is scheduled for March through July 2007. Plans for August through December 2007 include completing...
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