Helen Island

July 2005

Conservation benefit: Support of the conservation of 64,742 acres of reef, lagoon, atoll and territorial waters

Community benefit: Construction of a community dispensary

Helen Island is Palau’s largest community-designated Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA). It is also one of the Pacific’s most outstanding atoll complexes in terms of marine biodiversity.

Realizing the positive benefits of preserving their resources, the people of Hatohobei (Tobi) Island, 40 miles away from Helen Reef, have collectively declared the entire Helen Reef as a community protected area. Seacology will provide funding for a much-needed community dispensary in support of the conservation of Helen Reef in perpetuity.

Full or partial funding for this project provided by
Project Updates
December 2015
Seacology has made a small maintenance grant for repair of the dispensary roof, which after almost 10 years had begun to leak. Community commitment to the no-take marine area remains strong....
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January 2009
As of December 2008 the dispensary is still in use with no significant problems. The reserve remains under active protection with no significant changes.
December 2007
Transportation for the building was arranged for August 2007. The building was completed in November 2007.
July 2007
After her site visits in Micronesia, Seacology Senior Program Officer Karen Peterson reports that the medical dispensary, a prefabricated building from the Philippines, has been assembled at a...
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June 2007
Negotiation for additional funds for transportation of materials to the project site is still on-going since the grant does not cover the full cost of transportation. A request has been made to...
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January 2007
Construction materials were purchased in June 2006 and arrived in Palau in fall 2006. The Hatohobei State Governor, the building contractor and the Helen Reef Resource Management were scheduled to...
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June 2006
Hatohobei State Governor and the Helen Reef project leaders worked together in early 2006 to submit all necessary documentation to Seacology to begin the project. Materials to construct the...
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