Ngermasech Conservation Area

November 2003

Conservation benefit: Assistance in establishing the Ngermasech Marine and Mangrove Conservation Area

Community benefit: Demarcation, training, floating ranger station, and educational materials

The state of Ngardmau, on the west coast of Palau’s largest island, Babeldaob, has created the 618-acre Ngermasech Marine Conservation Area. The area was officially designated in 1998, but under Palauan law, the area does not officially become a conservation area until it is demarcated.

Seacology will assist the Palau Conservation Society with the official establishment of this marine reserve. The Seacology grant will fund buying equipment for demarcation buoys and as educational materials regarding the reserve for the local community.

Project Updates
May 2010
Due to its exposure to the elements, the outpost has required regular maintenance and upkeep. The locals have twice repaired and rebuilt the outpost, at their own expense. In 2009 Seacology...
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July 2007
After her site visits in Micronesia, Seacology Senior Program Officer Karen Peterson reports that the area is well-demarcated with buoys and is along a beautiful stretch of mangrove coastline. The...
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July 2005
Current legislation has recently passed to extend the Ngermasech Conservation Area until 2010. Community interest in conservation has increased as demarcation within the conservation area has...
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January 2005
The Ngermasech Conservation Area is still strongly supported by State of Ngardmau and the whole community. The government has provided a boat that will be used solely for monitoring and...
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July 2004
The Ngermasech Conservation Area at Ngardmau has been demarcated. A new governor was elected in November 2003 who has given his support to the area's conservation. Currently the state is drafting...
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