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Kendhoo Island


Conservation benefit: Ban on harvest of sea turtle eggs

Community benefit: Construction of a school

Date Approved: 07.2003

The Maldives is a nation that consists of some 1,200 small low-lying coral islands. This island chain is in the Indian Ocean, about 580 kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka. Eight years ago, the government had the foresight to impose a ban on catching turtles in Maldivian waters. However, this ban did not cover the harvesting of eggs from the highly endangered sea turtles.

Kendhoo island is now banning the taking of turtle eggs. Seacology, in cooperation with Four Seasons Resort, is providing a critically needed preschool for the island.

Project Updates

June 2007

One wall of the Kendhoo school has been damaged by beach erosion. Staff will continue to monitor the situation.

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July 2004

Construction of the preschool is finished. On June 17, a delegation from Four Seasons Resort traveled to Kendhoo to officially hand over the school to the people of the island.The turtle ban is holding well, with the Kendhoo villagers continuing to express their full support for sea turtle protection.

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