January 2012

Conservation benefit: Planting and protecting 123 acres of mangrove forest for 10 years

Community benefit: Purchase and renovation of a boat to use as an environmental education center

The Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest area–and home to the endangered Royal Bengal tiger. It spans the delta at the confluence of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers, in the Bay of Bengal. Parts are in India, parts in Bangladesh. The Indian Sundarbans covers an area of 9,630 square kilometers (3,718 square miles). The tide comes twice daily, deepening old channels and cutting new ones. As a result of the ever-shifting soils, maps of the Sundarbans are never completely accurate. The Sundarbans is a national park, tiger reserve, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and World Heritage Site.

Because of the region’s remoteness and lack of infrastructure, it is very difficult to reach out to the island communities there. Working with the local organization Help Tourism, Association for Conservation & Tourism, Seacology is funding the purchase and renovation of a boat, which will serve as a mobile environmental education center. In exchange, Help Tourism will organize mangrove planting totaling 123 acres (50 hectares) on the islands of Dayapur, Jamespur, and Santigachi. Using the boat, it will also conduct environmental education and awareness programs.

Project Updates
November 2016
In June 2016, Seacology made a small grant to our nonprofit partner for repairs of the boat. The boat's wooden hull has now been replaced with a fiberglass one, which will better withstand the...
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April 2016
The Seacology-funded boat continues to be used regularly for environmental education programs. Seacology's India field representative Vineeta Hoon and Program Manager Mary Randolph visited the...
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November 2015
Our local partner organization reports that it is collaborating with Sanctuary Asia and Aircell, using the Seacology-funded boat to launch a conservation awareness campaign in Sundarbans villages....
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February 2014
The mobile education resource center project has been successfully completed. The financial statement has been sent and accepted. It was inaugurated by Seacology expedition members in November...
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