Pelican and Fowl Cays

January 2012

Signage and cabanas for two national parks

The Abaco Islands, in the northern Bahamas, boast six national parks. Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park (PCLSP), a 2,100-acre land and “no-take” sea park, is very popular. The park contains beautiful undersea caves and patch reefs that are perfect for snorkeling. Fowl Cays National Park is a 1,920-acre reserve that is conveniently reached from most central Abacos cays and settlements. The reefs, and three 25- to 40-foot dive spots in untouched water, are renowned. This park is particularly attractive to scuba divers, and is also an extremely popular area for boating and snorkeling. Fowl Cays National Park also has great spillover value, because its protection enriches surrounding habitat. Both parks are home to fish, rays, sponges, and endangered staghorn and elkhorn coral, along with 12 other coral species.

The Bahamas National Trust is the only nonprofit organization in the world charged with managing a country’s entire national park system. Seacology is funding signage and a small cabana for educational information and use as a rest spot at each park. These will aid in interpretation and protection of the parks and enhance visitors’  experience.

Project Updates
June 2014
The cabana and signage to replace those damaged by Hurricane Sandy were installed and a final report for the project was received in February 2014.
February 2014
Seacology provided two additional small grants to project partner Bahamas National Trust/Friends of the Environment in 2013 to repair a cabana and replace a sign damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The...
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June 2013
Hurricane Sandy was felt in Abaco. The infrastructure in the Pelican Cays National Park fared very well, with the cabana and signage remaining intact. Both have been an important part of the...
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