June 2011

Conservation benefit: Creation of a one-half hectare (1.2 acre) no-take turtle-nesting beach for 10 years

Community benefit: Construction of a turtle beach guard post

Located off the southeast coast of Bali, in Indonesia, Nusa Penida Island is dotted with villages that are engaged in either small-scale farming or seaweed culture. The island vegetation comprises mainly scrub and expansive savannah, but there are also several pockets of natural forest protecting valuable watershed resources. Through the efforts of a local NGO, Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF), in 2006 all villages on the island unanimously agreed to make bird protection a social and spiritual obligation. Since then, FNPF has rehabilitated and released various Indonesian birds, most notably the critically endangered Bali starling. They wish to turn their hawksbill and green turtle nesting beach into a no-take area.

In return for the protection of 1.2 acres of beach as no-take areas for a minimum of 10 years, Seacology is funding the construction of a small turtle guard post on the beach.

Project Updates
May 2015
Field representative Iona Soulsby visited this project in April 2015 and reports that the turtle post is used by community and Friends of the Forest volunteers, who patrol this beach and sleep...
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June 2014
Semi-monthly patrols had been conducted on Atuh beach each month but were suspended over the rainy season (December-April). Patrols will start again in May 2014. The village plans to have five...
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February 2014
Seacology Board Member Doug Herst and his wife Leni attended the opening ceremony for this project in July 2013. As of October 2013, patrols had not come across any nesting turtles during the...
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