January 2005

Conservation benefit: Establishment of a 250-acre no-take forest reserve

Community benefit: Upgrade and repair of an existing freshwater system

Teling is a small hillside village in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a population of about 250 families. Due to the geography of the area, Teling has experienced water supply problems for many years.

In exchange for an upgraded freshwater system, the village is willing to set aside an additional 250 acres of intact hill forest as a permanent no-take zone through the expansion of an existing village ordinance that currently protects 200 acres of Manembo-nembo forest. The newly protected forest will connect to the no-take zone recently created by neighboring Kumu and Poopoh Villages (both supported by Seacology).

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Project Updates
January 2007
A second 1,100-liter holding tank was purchased and installed with two more water taps in mid-2006.
June 2006
Two and one half miles of pipe for the water system have been replaced and two water tanks have been built and are in use. Water is gravity-fed to a new 3,500 liter control tank and then...
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July 2005
Teling villagers formalized the no-take zone by official village ordinance and installed signage and boundary markings for the no-take area of the forest in April and May 2005. The construction to...
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