Manado Tua Satu

January 2006

Conservation benefit: Village endorsement of 118 acres of rainforest and 160 acres of coral reef as a no-take reserve

Community benefit: School reconstruction

Manado Tua Satu Village consists of approximately 2,000 residents who live on the fringe of an extinct volcano along the shores of Manado Tua Island. The Manado Tua Satu Village elementary school, attended by 300 students, is in extreme disrepair to the point that classes must be conducted in the partially completed church during rains.

Seacology is providing funds for school reconstruction, in exchange for the village’s endorsement of a 118-acre rainforest reserve, and a 160-acre no-take marine reserve for a minimum of 10 years.

Project Updates
January 2009
As of April 2008 classes were in session at the new site and the reserve remains under active protection.
December 2007
As of August 2007 the project was complete with one new building housing two classrooms, another new building for the head of the school and for school resources, and one new extension of the...
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March 2007
Two of the new classrooms are 90% complete. All remaining construction to renovate the school is scheduled to take place in the next several months. Completion is planned for the end of July 2007.
January 2007
The project start date was postponed so that the project leader could finish another project site first. In the meantime two of the classrooms at the school were rebuilt by the local government....
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June 2006
All agreements, budgets and timelines were returned to Seacology in February 2006. Seacology is waiting to begin the project until the project leader has finished work at Poopoh Village. That way...
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