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Niampak Village


Conservation benefit: Support of a 60,958-acre rainforest reserve for 20 years

Community benefit: Kindergarten renovation

Date Approved: 01.2007


This project protects forest, preventing the release of greenhouse gases and reducing erosion that damages coastal and ocean ecosystems.

Niampak Village is located in the Talaud archipelago of eastern Indonesia. Like Ensem Village, its residents also rely on the spice trade. The village has just over 1,000 residents, who farm mainly nutmeg and cloves as well as coconuts and other cash crops. The village borders a 60,958-acre rainforest reserve on the island of Karakelang.

Due to the exceptional biological significance of this rainforest reserve, Burung Indonesia (Birdlife International’s Indonesian affiliate) has been working with Niampak Village to preserve it. In 2006, the village passed an ordinance to preserve the rainforest. It will be a no-take area for at least 20 years.

The village’s 38 kindergartners are now using a dilapidated building for their classroom. Seacology is funding renovation of the kindergarten building and the addition of washroom facilities.

Project Updates

January 2009

Villagers continue to monitor and patrol the protected area. They are working with the forestry department on a national forest rehabilitation project and have already planted 12,000 tree seedlings in previously damaged areas. They are also reporting to local authorities any illegal farming or forest damage in the protected area.

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May 2008

Construction is complete. Villagers have built a kindergarten building, two classrooms, a teacher’s office, and two washrooms. Toys, playground equipment, and school furniture and equipment were also supplied.

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November 2007

The building is nearing completion. The last phase was started in November, which included installing electricity, building furniture and shelves, and installing a playground and plantings. Ensem and Niampak villagers are working with the forestry department and a conservation group to develop a long-term plan with the local government for management of the protected areas and the communities’ economic well-being.

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August 2007

The walls were built, door and window framing was completed, and roofing was completed. Plans for August through September include plastering, tiling, building washrooms, fencing, landscaping, and buying school supplies. The project leaders say that  villagers are already patrolling the protected area. They are also planting saplings on their own land, knowing they will need to gather wood in the future from someplace other than the protected area.

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June 2007

Plans for May through August 2007 include preparing the site, buying and transporting materials, and starting construction of the kindergarten. They expect to finish the building by the end of August.

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