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Kofiau Islands Villages


Conservation benefit: Creation of a 41,360-acre no-take marine reserve for 10 years

Community benefit: Medical equipment, textbooks, and equipment for three villages

Date Approved: 06.2007


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

Kofiau is located in the geographic center of the Raja Ampat Archipelago in Papua, Indonesia. There are 43 islands in Kofiau, with a total land area of 55,735 acres and 206,802 acres of marine area. The land area includes a tropical rainforest with an endemic species of butterfly, the Kofiau black-backed monarch, the rare Kofiau paradise-kingfisher, and the endemic Kofiau green tree python. The marine area encompasses fringing reefs, barrier reefs, atolls, and mangroves. It boasts some of the highest marine diversity recorded anywhere on the planet. There are only three small villages in Kofiau: Deer, Dibalal, and Tolobi, each on its own island.

The people of Deer, Dibalal, and Tolobi have committed to setting aside 41,360 acres of their existing marine protected area as no-take for 10 years.  With help from the Nature Conservancy Coral Triangle Center – Raja Ampat Program, Seacology will provide textbooks, sports equipment, and teaching materials for the villages’ elementary school. A grant will also fund a solar-powered refrigerator for their healthcare centers and some basic medical equipment.

Project Updates

June 2009

As of April 2009 the schools in Deer, Dibalal and Tolobi have completed new cabinets for the school books. The community has also purchased the back-up batteries for the solar-chill refrigerators. One refrigerator recently needed to be serviced in Sorong and is ready to be carried back to Kofiau. In December 2008 the Raja Ampat Government & Parliament passed a law to establish a Raja Ampat MPA Network including Kofiau, which will provide a more solid legal basis for Kofiau as a Marine Potected Area. Additionally, in order to better protect their natural resources, the three villages of Kofiau are now in the process of developing their Village Regulation to locally manage and regulate the utilization of their marine and terrestrial resources.

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January 2009

In late 2007, the Kofiau Marine Protected Area was officially endorsed. As of November 2008 all equipment was delivered and installed. The community is planning to purchase back-up batteries for the refrigerators and cabinets for the school books in 2009.

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May 2008

As of March 2008, one refrigerator had been delivered, but the other two orders were delayed in lieu of purchasing school books first. The books were delivered in March 2008. The final stage of the project includes purchase and installation of the last two solar chills and medical supplies.

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October 2007

As of August 2007, the village was ready to purchase the solar power refrigerators to prepare for a long transportation time. They expect one refrigerator of the three to be installed by October 2007. The remaining equipment is scheduled to be purchased and installed in the later part of 2007 and early 2008. A site visit to participate in launching ceremonies is scheduled for the Seacology expedition group to Raja Ampat.

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