Alung Banoa

April 2004

Conservation benefit: Purchase, installation and transportation of EcoReef reef rehabilitation modules

The Bunaken area of Indonesia is a premier dive destination, but parts of the reef have been destroyed by dynamite fishing. Alung Banoa villagers and local dive operators from the North Sulawesi Watersports Association volunteered this summer to assemble and install 300 EcoReef modules. The modules are expected to significantly regenerate marine life in the damaged areas.

The family of Stephen Erdmann, who died tragically while traveling in Egypt in 2003, donated funds to Seacology to support this project in Stephen’s memory. Stephen was the younger brother of Mark Erdmann, whose wife, Arnaz Mehta, was Seacology’s Southeast Asia field representative for many years.

Project Updates
July 2005
The villagers have given up their traditional fishing rights in the area and are enforcing new no-fishing rules. One year later, coral transplants and reef species are thriving on the modules,...
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