Banjar Anyar

July 2010

Conservation benefit: Support of 1,977 acres of no-take rainforest in perpetuity

Community benefit: Community building

Banjar Anyar is a small farming village positioned 2,200 feet above sea level on the slopes of Mount Batukaru on the Indonesia island of Bali. The majority of the 380 residents grow small plots of coffee, cacao, fruit, and rice. Their village is adjacent to Sarinbuana Village, where Seacology funded a library, music and dance building, instruments and equipment in 2006 in exchange for village endorsement of a 1,975-acre permanent no-take rainforest reserve. The forest of Mount Batukaru is home to a variety of birds, the increasingly rare pangolin (scaly anteater), and leaf-eating monkey. Traditionally, the people of Banjar Anyar have been the de facto custodians of an approximate 1,977-acre portion of this rainforest above their village.

Seacology is providing Banjar Anyar with funds to construct a village community building where meetings, Balinese dance and music practices, and youth activities can take place, in support of their commitment to protect 1,977 acres of rainforest in perpetuity.

Project Updates
November 2014
Program managers Karen Peterson and Mary Randolph visited Banyar Anyar in October. The building is finished and being used. Stonemasons were adding beautiful decorative touches in the ornate...
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May 2013
According to Indonesia Field Representative Arnaz Mehta, "I just had the pleasure of visiting Banjar Anyar again to meet with some of the village leaders there and to check out the Seacology...
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September 2011
Indonesia Field Representative Arnaz Mehta visited the community in late September, and met with the villagers and the project manager. According to Arnaz, "The building is a substantial two level...
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June 2011
According to Indonesia Field Representative Arnaz Mehta, as of March 2011 the building was progressing very well, with all concrete work done, as well as the roof construction. The Balinese...
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January 2011
Seacology Program Manager Karen Peterson and Indonesia Field Representative Arnaz Mehta visited this project in October 2010. Despite unusually heavy rains in the region, the site has been...
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