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Tirta Gangga Water Palace


Conservation and community benefit: Wastewater garden system at Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Date Approved: 07.2002

Bali, the “Island of the Gods,” is part of the island nation of Indonesia. Over a million international tourists visit each year to see its natural beauty and the unique culture of its 3.5 million inhabitants.

The last king of Karangasem built Tirta Gangga palace (Tirta=holy water and Gangga=Ganges river) in 1948 at one of Bali’s most beautiful sites. The palace includes gardens and spring-fed fountains, ponds, and a formal bathing pool. But the waste generated by up to 200 visitors a day is harming water quality throughout the surrounding area.

Seacology has helped the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation implement a garden system that organically breaks down wastewater. The result is nutrients for vegetation, which are used in a garden. The project will serve as a model for other local governments, who face similar problems caused by the ever-growing number of tourists. It will also help a local group (Tirta Gangga Community Organization) in its efforts to clean up local water supplies.

Project Updates

July 2004

In 2003, the community bath house and wastewater system was completed. The garden’s facilities are heavily used by both local people and tourists. Plants in the system continue to thrive, signifying the effectiveness of the treatment of the wastewater. Pollution of the local water channels flowing from Tirtagangga has been reduced, and the attention drawn to the success of the wastewater garden has increased public awareness of the surrounding environment. A Seacology delegation visited the site in October 2002.

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