July 2003

Conservation and community benefits: Outboard motorboats for patrol and enforcement of community fishing grounds

The remote Asmat region of New Guinea (part of Indonesia) is renowned for its ancient societies and extensive mangrove and coastal wetlands. Recently, anĀ agreement was reached between some of the coastal Asmat villages and a large Indonesian commercial fishing company to ban fishing in the Asmat traditional fishing grounds, which extend approximately 12 miles outward from the coast. Due to lack of enforcement, however, illegal fishing boats continue to raid near-shore waters throughout the Asmat coast.

Seacology is providing four outboard motorboats for patrol and enforcement of the near-shore fishing area. The Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance (IPCA), who have been working with Asmat villages since 1998, will help coordinate the villages with training to monitor outside fishing activities and enforce prior agreements with fishing companies.

Project Updates
January 2005
Outboard motors were delivered to each of the four Asmat community groups. Each group built and donated longboats to go with the motors and they are being used to both monitor outside fishing...
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July 2004
Community meetings regarding the enforcement of Asmat waters have taken place and several agreements have been established for the protection of the marine area. In spite of the remote location of...
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