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Conservation and community benefit: Signage describing sites of environmental and cultural interest

Date Approved: 12.2000

The Reykjavik-based nongovernmental environmental organization Landvernd is working with the small community of Árneshreppur, in remote northwest Iceland, to protect the area’s rich and diverse cultural, historic, and natural resources. Despite Iceland’s drastic social changes, the 70 remaining inhabitants of this community are determined to stay. As tourism increases in Iceland, this area will become much sought-after. It has a unique, unspoiled environment and is rich in place names, historic sites, and mythic stories.

Seacology awarded Landvernd a challenge grant for the purpose of constructing signs to point out important cultural and natural sites. These signs will not only enhance tourism, but will also serve as moral support for this settlement determined to remain intact in the face of disappearing rural culture in Iceland.

Project Updates

July 2004

Due to the short working season in this extremely remote location, the construction of the last two signs was delayed until this past spring. All signs are now completed and installed.

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November 2003

Five more signs were constructed and erected over the summer, and two more are in progress. The project should be completed in 2004.

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