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Viani Village


Conservation benefit: Extension of duration of a 7,413-acre marine reserve and establishment of a 50-acre forest reserve

Community benefit: Construction of a community center

Date Approved: 01.2006


This project protects forest, preventing the release of greenhouse gases and reducing erosion that damages coastal and ocean ecosystems.


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

Viani Village is a typical Fijian village, with a population of 200. Most people there make an income by farming root crops, collecting copra (dried coconut kernels), and fishing. They sell all of these products at the market in nearby Savusavu. About two years ago, local fishermen began reporting declining catches, and the village chief declared a no-take marine reserve.

The village is willing to protect the marine reserve for an additional 10 years. It has also agreed to preserve 50 acres of pristine rainforest for 10 years. In exchange, Seacology is funding the construction of a much-needed community center.

Project Updates

January 2007

The building construction was completed in June 2006 and participants in Seacology’s 2006 expedition to Fiji officially dedicated the community center during their site visit.

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June 2006

Construction of the community center was completed to beam height in April 2006. The entire building is expected to be completed by June 2006. Participants in Seacology’s 2006 expedition to Fiji will officially dedicate the community center during the site visit in late June.

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