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Conservation benefit: 8,320-acre marine protected area for 10 years

Community benefit: Flush toilets and community center renovation

Date Approved: 01.2008


This project protects ocean ecosystems, making coastal communities more economically and physically secure in the face of climate change.

Nakaugasele Village, with a population of 200, is located on Kadavu, the third largest island in Fiji. For the past seven years, the village has been trying to raise funds to buy flush toilets and renovate their community center. But because the remote village has no form of regular income, their fundraising drive was only partially successful; they managed to raise FJ$7,000 (approximately US$4,500).

Seacology will provide the additional funds the village needs to construct toilets and renovate their community center. In exchange, the village has promised to preserve 8,320 acres of their fishing rights area.

Project Updates

September 2010

As of September 2010 field representatives Harry & Jackie Powell report that they have successfully contacted the village representative. Photos are still on the wish list, however, they are assured that the toilet and shower blocks have already been completed and are in use.

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December 2009

Field representatives Harry and Jackie Powell visited this project in June 2009. Construction of the toilets was underway at that time. As of December 2009 Harry reports that the tiling of the bathrooms and toilet blocks has been delayed because the carpenter had to give priority to the school. The village has been busy repainting the community hall.

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June 2009

As of March 2009 temporary field representatives Jackie and Harry Powell worked with village leaders to coordinate a re-design of the plans to fit the limited budget. Instead of several facilities on site, the new plan reduces construction to one set of facilities for women and one for men, along with completion of the community center renovations if funding is left-over. The materials were purchased in early April 2009 and shipped on 4th May. Construction should be commencing now.

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